If you intend to verify any additional/ updated documents for DoH, it is mandatory to already have a completed  DataFlow Group PSV report. 

If your application status is currently “in progress”, you will have to wait until it's completed, post which you can submit your application for an  “Additional Document” verification.

Please follow the instructions outlined below to submit your application for an“Additional Document” verification:

Go to ink - https://www.dfdoh.com/

  • Sign up as a new user and create your Login ID (with a new email id and password).

    • Note: to create a new account you will need to use a new email ID which has not been previously registered with the DataFlow Group

  • On the Instruction Page click YES for “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SCREENED BEFORE”. 

  • Select the client name - Department of Health Abu Dhabi -  and upload the copy of your DataFlow Group report including the Barcode/ DataFlow Group Case Number.

  • You will be required to fill the  form including all details of the documents that were previously verified.

  • Please note: , there will be no charges for previously verified  documents and we will only charge for the additional documents submitted

  •  DO NOT select/tick the checkboxes for the documents that were previously verified on the “Review of Application” Page.

    • Only tick the checkboxes for the new documents that you want to verify and to make the payment.

  • Please Note - the cost per document is 300 AED

    • 100 AED will be charged for re-submitting your application under DoH.