What does an ‘Appeal’ mean?

  • An Appeal is when an applicant disagrees with the outcome of the report (i.e. Discrepancy/Unable To Verify)  generated by DataFlow, post the completion of the verification process, and therefore, wants to re-verify the same documents that were submitted in their application.

Why do Appeals usually occur?

  • The common reasons for an Appeal tend to be because of discrepancy in records, non-cooperative Issuing Authorities, public/regional holidays, and lengthy verification processes, which more than often leads to Unable to Verify/ Discrepancy of the applicant’s credentials.

If I want to submit a new document that I did not include in the original application, is this considered an Appeal?

  • An Appeal is only acceptable when the applicant wants to re-verify the original documents submitted in their application. If an applicant wants to submit new or additional documentation to their application, this will NOT be considered as an Appeal. The applicant will need to provide the additional document(s) that they want to be verified as per the Regulator they are applying for and pay the assigned fee to do so.

How much time does an applicant have to request an Appeal?

  • Applicants can request an Appeal (one time only) within 180 calendar days of the DataFlow report issued date only.

Who is eligible to Appeal?

  • Applicants who have received their report which is determined as ‘Discrepancy’ or ‘Unable To Verify’ are eligible to apply for an Appeal.

  • The applicants can only request an Appeal with the original documents which were submitted initially under their application. 

  • If the report was "Unable to verify" due to any requirement of document or Information, which was not received from the applicant's end during the verification process, then Appeal is not eligible instead submit a new application under the "Additional document" package.

Can the applicant apply for an Appeal with a different document?

  • If the applicant wants to provide a new document to be verified which was not included in their original application, the applicant will need to provide this document under the ‘Additional Document’ section and pay the allocated fee as per the Regulator they are applying for. 

How to Appeal?

  • An applicant can apply for an Appeal by contacting the Applicant Support team to register their request and also to find out if they are eligible as per the mentioned requirements. The Applicant Support page can be found under the ‘Support/Contact Us" page.