The DataFlow Group provides a  PSV report transfer service to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).

In order to transfer your previous report to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities please follow the instructions below: 

Criteria: you are  only eligible to submit your application for a Report Transfer under SCFHS if you meet the following criteria::

  • Your previous report is closed and completed by the DataFlow Group and includes: 

    • The verification of your Education and Health License certificate

  • To note: If your previous report only contains the verification of an Education and Employment certificate, then an endorsement letter will be required for your Health License

Please click on the following link to download the endorsement letter for a Health License:

  • If any of the documents from  your previous report were completed on the basis of a verbal verification, a re-verification of those documents is mandatory under SCFHS

    •  An additional fee will apply for the re-verification of those documents

  • The report transfer fee is 200 SAR

    •  The fees to re-verify a verbally verified document are as follows:

      • 350 SAR:  Non-physician

      • 400 SAR:  Physician.

Information/Documents Required to Process Report Transfer Request

To process your report transfer for SCFHS, we will require the following information : 

  • A signed “Letter of Authorization”  (LOA for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities. Please click below to download  the SCFHS LOA:

  • Your previous DataFlow Group report.

  • Passport Copy

In order to provide us with these documents - please create a “New Support Ticket” on

Next Steps

  • The DataFlow Group will review your application upon receipt of the documents outlined above., Once the documents have been validated, a payment link will be sent to your email to start the report transfer process

  • Following payment, your receipt with a  new DataFlow Group case number will be sent to your registered email.

Please Note

  • The completion of a Report Transfer process is 5-7 working days. Unless if including any re-verification needed, which may take up to 25 working days

  • For any additional document verification, please follow the specific instructions in our FAQs for “Additional Document Verification under SCFHS”:

Note: As per the instruction received from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities (SCFHS), If your previous report contains any verified document that was issued from Saudi Arabia, the same will be discontinued as it is not required by the SCFHD.