You can at any time apply for an “Additional Document” verification irrespective of whether your previous DataFlow Group report is still in progress or already completed for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

How to Apply for Additional Document Verification: 

Go to

Existing user (already have an account with us):

Login using your credentials


First Time User:

  1. Enter your email address, agree to the terms and conditions and confirm.

  2. An activation link will be sent to your registered email address, click on the link in the email, set your password, and login into your account

After you successfully log inclick on ‘Start Application 

Licensing Details Section

  1. Select ´Saudi Commission for Health Specialities’ from the Authority Name dropdown menu or click the ¨Saudi Commission of Health Specialities ' logo

  2. Application Type: select Additional and enter your SCFHS Case number along with your previously used passport number (mentioned on the report), in the pop-up window. If you don’t know your case reference number, click here to raise a ticket

  3. The Case Type and Category will be auto-populated from your last application

  4. Sub Category: Select the relevant option as per your profession.

  5. Service Type: 4 options are available

  • Applicant Assist Service

  • Express Assist Service

  • Express Service

  • Regular Service 

  1. Select Package: based on the type of document you wish to verify, Education, Licence, or Employment.

  2. If you would like to add more documents click on the + sign to reach the number of documents, e.g if you select Education and which to verify a total of 2 degrees, click on the + sign to reach 2.

  3. If you would like to add a different document for verification, e.g.: you select Education and would like to add an employment certificate for verification as well, click on Add Document. You may add as many documents as required.

  4. Facility Name: If you are currently working or applying to work for a facility in KSA, select the name of your employer from the drop-down. If you are currently not working in KSA and applying as a self-applicant, select “Not working in KSA”

Personal Details Section

  • Upload a copy of your scanned passport

  • The system will identify your previous Dataflow application details and some information will be auto-populated from your last application

  • You can edit the information manually if any details are incorrectly captured and submit the page

  • Please make sure to fill all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk

It is very important to enter the correct mobile number under “Applicant Mobile Number” as without that you would not be able to complete the authentication process using OTP.

Note: Please select your mobile country code from the list

Click on “Generate OTP”

In case you do not receive an OTP number, you can choose to opt for “Get OTP on call”

Once you have received the 6-digit OTP, click on Validate OTP to verify your contact details.

A tick against the phone number entered on the form indicates the successful validation of your contact details

Click on Next

  1. Education/Employment/Health Licence

As per your requirement fill in the details of the document which you intend to verify as an additional document under Education/Employment/Health Licence etc

Save the page and move Next

     2. Letter of Authorization

Click on ¨Consent” and read the document carefully

Review your Given name and Surname and click on ¨Consent¨ and finish

    3. Review page

You can review the filled details, you can also edit information (If required), and submit an application

     4. Payment Page

The total amount to be paid for additional document verification will appear under the  total “Gross Amount”

Once the payment has been made, the DataFlow Group will start working on your application

You will receive a confirmation email from the DataFlow Group providing the new DataFlow Group case number under which we will verify your Additional Document/Documents.

Note: - Please ensure to upload clear and uncut scanned copies of all documents to avoid delays in completing your application.

Note: As per the instruction received from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities (SCFHS), If your previous report contains any verified document that was issued from Saudi Arabia, the same will be discontinued as it is not required by the SCFHS.