You can at anytime apply for an “Additional Document” verification irrespective of whether your previous DataFlow Group report is still in progress or already completed for the Dubai Health Authority.

How to Apply for Additional Document Verification:

  • Login to your account on

  • Go to “My Cases”

  • Click on the “Initiate Additional Case” tab

  • Select the services and go to “Next”

Please Note - If you intend to verify any additional/ updated documents for DHA, it is mandatory to have an active account on

If you do not have an account yet,  you are required to create an account on

Following registration, you will need to submit your application under “Create your Case” by selecting the case type “Transfer a previous Dataflow Case.”

This step is required in order to link your old DHA DataFlow case to the new account.

Education/Employment/Health License

  • As per your  verification requirements fill in the details of the document which you intend to verify as an additional document under Education/Employment/Health License etc

  • Click “Next” after entering the details of the additional document and use the “SKIP” button on the pages where you do not intend to verify any document

  • Click on “Add Another” if  you want to verify more than one document under each component (Employment/Education/Health License)

  • To Note: if you need to make any corrections to submitted pages, you can make changes by clicking on the “Previous” tab button on the “Review of Application” page.

Payment Page

  • The total amount to be paid for additional document verification will appear under the  total “Gross Amount”

Following successful payment the DataFlow Group will start working on your application and you will receive a confirmation email from the DataFlow Group providing your new case number under which we will verify your Additional Document/Documents.