To verify additional documents, you will need to follow the below steps:

1- Login to our portal 

2. Start the application

  • On the Dashboard page, click the Start Application button to initiate a new application

  • Select Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP) - Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) from the Authority Name dropdown menu

  • Select Application Category and Application Type ‘Additional’

  • In the popup window, enter your DataFlow Case number and your passport number

  • Select the Service Type and Component

  • To add more documents click on + sign (to verify multiple documents, you need to add more components) 

  • Confirm to proceed with the application process

  • Select your employer from the Facility Name dropdown menu

3- Personal details

  • Upload to upload a clear copy of your passport

  • If an error occurs when uploading the passport, you can manually input your information

  • Enter your Country Code and Mobile Number and click on Generate OTP to validate the OTP code


  • The system will identify your previous DataFlow application details and some information will be auto-populated from your last application

  • If details are captured incorrectly, you can edit the information manually and submit the page

  • Please make sure to fill all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk

4- Submit your documents

  • Upload clear uncropped scanned copies of your documents

  • Enter the Issuing Authority Name for each document being uploaded, along with the requested information

  • Issuing Authority is the name of the institution that issued the document being uploaded

  • After completing the application form, you will need to digitally sign the Letter Of Authorization

  • Review your details on the Application Review page before submitting

7- Payment

  • Review the payment requested and choose the payment method 

  • Click on Submit Application and you will be redirected to the payment gateway

  • Once you have completed your payment, you will receive a receipt by email and the Primary Source Verification process will start

To track the status of your application, visit

Service Type


Report Timeframe

Applicant Assist Service

QAR 146

20 working days

Express Assist Service 

QAR 638 

 14 working days

Express Service

QAR 492

 14 working days

Regular Service

Education: 400 QAR

Employment: 300 QAR

Good Standing: 300 QAR

Logbook: 300 QAR

Health License: 300 QAR

20 working days