1- Set up your account

  • Visit https://www.dfgateway.com/ and enter your email ID to begin

  • On registration confirmation, if you have registered previously, you will be asked to enter your password on the next screen. If this is your first time registering, you will receive an activation link to your email

  • Please click on the activation link to complete your registration.

  • Change password page: Set your new password then save and continue

  • After activating your account, sign in using your email and password

2- Application dashboard

  • On the Dashboard page, click the Start Application button to initiate a new application

3- Select your Licensing Authority

  • From the Authority Name drop list, select Oman Medical Specialty Board

4- Select your package

  • Select the Case Type ‘New’ and Package Type ‘Custom’

  • Select the Service Type, Profession, and Package

  • To view the timeframe for the Service Types, click Here

  • Confirm your selected package to proceed

  • Click on + to add more documents if required 

  • Select your employer name from the Facility Name drop list

5- Personal details

  • Upload to upload a clear copy of your passport

  • Enter your Country Code and Mobile Number and click on Generate OTP to validate the OTP code 

6- Submit your documents

  • Upload clear uncropped scanned copies of your documents

  • Enter the Issuing Authority Name for each document being uploaded, along with the requested information

  • Issuing Authority is the name of the institution that issued the document being uploaded

  • After completing the application form, you will need to digitally sign the Letter Of Authorization

  • Review your details on the Application Review page before submitting

7- Payment

  • Review the payment requested and choose the payment method 

  • Click on Submit Application and you will be redirected to the payment gateway

  • Once you have completed your payment, you will receive a receipt by email and the Primary Source Verification process will start

For step by step-by-step detailed instructions, please click here.

To track the status of your application, visit www.dataflowstatus.com

Service Type


Report Timeframe

Additional with Applicant Assist Service

25 + 60 OMR

25 working days

Additional with Express Assist Service 

87 + 60 OMR

 14 working days

Additional with Express Service

62 + 60 OMR

 14 working days

Additional with Regular Service

60 OMR

25 working days